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4 Way Cross Equal Diameter Carbon Steel Gas Pipe Fits HB-K20

Manufacture and Wholesale 4 Way Cross Equal Diameter Carbon Steel Gas Pipe Fits HB-K20 Made in China. DN32/40/50mm.
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Material: Carbon Steel

Specification & Model:

Item No.Nominal Diameter
Outer Diameter

PPFITS focus on independent innovation and technological transformation. In the manufacture of pipes and fittings, the compression connection was successfully introduced to replace the traditional welding process, and the effect of safety, convenience and convenient connection was obtained; The use of thin-walled steel pipe internal and external spraying process effectively prolongs the service life of the pipeline, improves the pressure durability of the product, reduces the cost, and conforms to the "energy-saving, low-carbon, environmental protection" policy advocated by the state; 

Products and the company have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three systems and measurement management system, standardization good behavior, German BSCI and other system certification, and obtained the EU CE, France NF, Germany GS, the United States UL, ETL, Nordic Semko, Australia SAA and domestic 3C, CQC and other product certification.

Undertake pipeline engineering installation, accept customized services, and provide free quotation for drawings.

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